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Michael Garvin


Born into the rich Jazz culture of Louisiana, Michael Garvin can’t remember a time when we wasn’t playing the guitar. By the time he was 18-years-old, he was playing sessions in Nashville, and also was blessed with his other great love, composition. He has written, to date, a staggering 22 Number One chart records and 33 Top Ten chart records, from George Benson’s classic, “Never Give Up On A Good Thing” to the worldwide Number One for Jennifer Lopez “Waiting For Tonight”. Michael has toured and recorded with many of the acts he’s written for, and now brings all of that expertise as a player, and a hit-making composer to you as an artist in his own right, with records like his brand new single “Sunkiss”, which was the most added single in Jazz radio in the United States. “Sunkiss” and Michael’s two Christmas Jazz singles, “Jingle Jazz” and “Joy” are available for download on iTunes.