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Jason Mitchell


Jason Mitchell was born in Nashville and is a self proclaimed ‘Studio Rat’. “My dad, Dan Mitchell, is a producer and songwriter (“If You’re Gonna Play In Texas (You Gotta Have A Fiddle In The Band”) and mom, Cathy, made stage clothes for a bunch of stars.”

He received a degree in Musicology 101 at an early age watching and learning from the likes of music legends Tiny Tim, Johnny PayCheck, Big Al Downing, Moe Bandy and other business veterans. He worked at a tourist destination in Ohio performing six shows a day and a musical show at night totaling about 1,300 shows a season for four years before putting his own band together. Jason and his band played hundreds of shows; averaging 150 to 200 a year for three years, across the country, the Bahamas and Caymans and put over 300,000 miles on “Queen Mary” his beloved Silverado pickup truck!

He partnered with the Vanderbilt Burn Center and Camp Hope and his Jason Mitchell Foundation has helped raise money for many other charities including the Mississippi Burn Foundation.

After a brief hiatus, recording and writing, Jason began performing again mid 2013 with a new sound, a new band, a new look and a new mission. His most recent single “STOMP” became one of the Pittsburg Steelers featured songs at home games during the 2013 season and they invited Jason to sing the song and the National Anthem at Heinz Field, something he will never forget!